The Cycle of the Zodiac Signs

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This survey of how astrology works was not written specifically for astrologers. Its purpose is to formulate a materialist theory of what is empirically demonstrated in astrology; our relationship with the cosmos. Starting with the most feeble part of the astrological framework, Annemiek Bosch presents an explanation for the manifestation of the zodiac signs through the year. This cycle appears to be correlated with Earth's angular movement towards and away from the supermassive black hole in the center of our Milky Way galaxy. Drawing on the latest scientific insights of quantum physics and consciousness research, she then discusses the mechanism underpinning the astrological practice and makes it plausible that our unconscious minds are able to obtain information from quantum entanglement. Our coherence seems to cause us to collectively create our reality through a process of controlled prediction and automatic adaptation to the cosmic environment. The phenomenon of consciousness – instead of arising from individual, isolated brains – could be the result of this connectedness.

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  • : december 2022
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