The Euro Crisis

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A lot has already been said and written about the euro crisis: about the causes and consequences of the collapsing economy, the costly rescue of banks, the rising debts, the predicted end of the euro, the imminent exit of Greece, the ongoing search for the guilty parties, the disagreement about solutions, and the big consequences for people across the eurozone. Jeroen Dijsselbloem, president of the Eurogroup, was present at all meetings and sometimes spent nights searching for solutions. In this special book he takes us into the honest, not yet told story behind the euro crisis. Where did it really go wrong? How has the crisis finally been stopped? And how to proceed in the future of the euro zone? The Eurocrisis is the highly personal book of former Eurogroup chairman Dijsselbloem, in which he, as an insider, describes how a continent balanced on the edge of the abyss for years, and how it was ultimately saved. Jeroen Dijsselbloem (1966) is a Dutch politician. From 2012 to 2017 he was Minister of Finance in the Netherlands. From 2013 to January 2018 he was also chairman of the Eurogroup.

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