Revival After the Great War

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The challenges of post-war recovery from social and political reform to architectural design
In the months and years immediately following the First World War, the many (European) countries that had formed its battleground were confronted with daunting challenges. These challenges varied according to the country’s earlier role and degree of involvement in the war but were without exception enormous. The contributors to this book analyse how this was not only a matter of rebuilding ravaged cities and destroyed infrastructure but also of rebuilding people’s damaged bodies and upended daily lives, and rethinking and reforming societal, economic and political structures. These processes took place against the backdrop of mass mourning and remembrance, political violence and economic crisis. At the same time, the postwar tabula rasa offered many innovative opportunities in various areas of society, from social and political reform to architectural design. The wide scope of postwar recovery is reflected in the different sections of this book: rebuild, remember, repair, and reform. It offers insights into the postwar era in Western European countries such as Belgium, France, Germany, Portugal, Spain, and Italy, as well as into how those efforts were perceived outside of Europe, for instance in Argentina and the United States.

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  • : Leuven University Press
  • : Leuven University Press
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  • : december 2020
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  • : Architectuurgeschiedenis; Behoud, restauratie en verzorging van kunstwerken; Eerste Wereldoorlog; Sociale en culturele geschiedenis