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Religion, cults & rituals in the medieval rural environment

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The study of belief, faith and religious practices can provide a deep insight into historical societies, whether Christian, Muslim, Jewish or pagan. They form a constant of human behaviour. Through religion, cult and rituals, multi-layered and complex cultural norms are expressed, demonstrating group affiliation. However, popular devotion and belief in a rural environment can include practices that are out with those of the official religion. Some of these practices discussed in this book can be investigated through archaeology. Important religious sites like churches, monasteries, mosques and synagogues as well as caves, holy wells and hermitages are discussed. Furthermore burials of children, revenants and the condemned are analysed, as they often deviate from normal practice and shed light on particular communities and their beliefs. Rituals concerning the protection of buildings and persons which focus on objects attributed with religious qualities are another area explored. Through archaeological research it is possible to gain an understanding of popular religion of medieval and early modern times and also to draw conclusions about religious ideas that are not written in documents. By bringing together these topics this book is of particular interest to scholars working in the field of archaeology, history and cultural anthropology. The addressed subjects were the theme of an international conference of the RURALIA association held in Clervaux, Luxemburg, in September 2015. Ruralia promotes the archaeology of medieval settlement and rural life. Current research questions in rural archaeology are discussed in an European wide context. The aim is to strengthen the exchange of knowledge in, and the development of, archaeologically comparable studies, and to make archaeological results available to other disciplines. Contents: Foreword - Vorwort - Avant-Propos Claudia Theune Einleitung zum Tagungsband. Christiane Bis-Worch Past and Present meet: Contemporary expressions of faith along the Camino Frances. Observations by a modern pilgrim. Bert Groenewoudt Court-yard sites and their cultic context. Frode Iversen Anomaly or myth? Sami circular offering sites in medieval northern Norway. Marte Spangen Livs' Offering Cave (Latvia): new discoveries. Juris Urtāns Les gravures de « la Table des Bergers ». Frédéric Surmély Struell: Bathing at midsummer and the origins of holy wells. Finbar McCormick Medieval Hermit Caves and Rock-Cut Hermitages in Great Britain. James Bond Klostergründungen - in mystischen Wäldern oder an urbaren Feldern? Miriam Steinborn Privately Founded Benedictine Monasteries in Medieval Hungary - a case study: Pétermonostora, the monastery and a settlement without written history. Edit Sárosi - Szabolcs Rosta The byzantine settlement of Shivta in the Negev desert and its churches: An analysis of their spatial arrangement within the settlement and its social implications. Constanze Röhl Réflexions topologiques sur les églises antérieures à 1050 dans l'ancien diocèse de Tongres-Maastricht-Liège. Philippe Mignot - Frédéric Chantinne Le site de Sainte-Catherine-de-Fierbois (Indre-et-Loire, France) : un nouvel exemple d'édifice religieux/funéraire alto-médiéval en contexte d'habitat rural. Cyrille Ben Kaddour Le phénomène de pierres antiques incorporées dans des édifices chrétiens au Grand-Duché du Luxembourg - état de recherche et nouvelles questions. Estelle Michels Rural mosques and settlements: some reflections from the Archaeology of al-Andalus (11th-13th centuries). Jorge A. Eiroa Landjudentum im nordbayerischen Franken. Geschichte und Archäologie. Hans-Peter Süss Priest houses in rural settlements of Medieval Hungary. Tibor Ákos Rácz Sépultures des m


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