The Case of the Groom to Be

Op werkdagen voor 16.00 uur besteld, volgende dag in huis

Christmas Eve, 11:50 PM. Special Detective Chau, her brother Minh, her parents and Superintendent Sam Archer with his fiancée Sophie, have just returned from the Christmas Eve celebration at ‘The Three Crowns’, the local pub in the village where they live. They are sitting on the terrace in front of their bungalow, in the resort where they spend their Christmas holidays. The holiday at the resort was a reward for their extraordinary efforts in solving the murder of the local pub owner and his sister, a few months earlier. However, on the first day of their stay at the resort, they were already confronted with another murder. This time it was the daughter of the owner of the resort. This morning they had successfully closed the investigation into the killer, but in the afternoon, while Superintendent Sam Archer and Chau's father were having a beer at the resort bar, they were faced with yet another murder. As a result, they were forced to extend their stay at the resort and the investigation into the case of the groom to be began. In this book Chau will be of essential importance again, helping to solve three murders and other crimes.

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